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Miracle sponge for kitchen and furniture is the mistress’s dream!

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  • $2.20

Multifunctional sponge for washing cars, kitchens, furniture, glass.

Sponge The dream of the mistress, absorbs up to 300 ml of water, but the water does not drain from it! Wipes dry, leaving no stains and dirt. Ideal for wiping glass and rear-view mirrors in a car and other vertical smooth surfaces. Quickly and qualitatively collects dust, cleans suede, small debris, animal hair from carpeting. Does not scratch or damage the surface. Reliable enough, will last at least a year!

After being in the air, the sponge hardens, so before using it again, you just need to moisten it well with water. Easy to clean from contaminants with detergents. It is unpretentious, does not require any special storage conditions!

Buy a miracle sponge Dream mistress

You can buy a miracle sponge on our website by placing an order through the oneline order form or by phone. Retail, wholesale and crushing for those who wish to expand the range!

Miracle sponge is aesthetically pleasing and convenient, multifunctional - suitable for wet cleaning of a wide variety of surfaces: furniture, tiles, linoleum, walls, shoes, etc. It can be used at home and in the office, and in any room! This is an excellent, inexpensive and high-quality gift! It will save you time on cleaning and deliver pleasant emotions! Recommended for moms who have little babies!

Dimensions: 11x6x3.5cm Colors: blue, pink, red.

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