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Vegetable grinder, hand shaker Naizer Diser, original!

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  • $14.20

The unique grater-multiserz Nycezer-Dyser plus is a very convenient and practical assistant for any kitchen. All multi-cutting blades are made of high-quality, durable stainless steel, and their base is made of environmentally friendly lightweight plastic that allows you to easily cut all kinds of fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, cheese and other products. The whole process of cutting will take you only a few seconds. Beautiful and stylish design. Perfect for any kitchen!

Advantages of multi-cutting: Nyiser Dyser:

Stainless steel blades, a tight lid tightly closes the container and keeps your products fresh, easy to use, quickly cuts products, saves you time and money, is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, stylish design, it does not take much space!


Cutting element with square studs;

Cutting bottom element;

Transparent container for storage (volume 1500 ml.);

Cover on the storage tank;

Cutting insert (small and medium);

Cutting insert (large and for slicing products with slices);

Cutting liner on quarters and wedges;

Removable attachment to the blade of the device;

Partial protective cover for all cutting inserts;

Nozzle-grater (large grater) with protective cover;

Nozzle for slicing products with slices with a protective cover for the blade;

A nozzle for fixing the cut products with a device designed to push food;

Peeler and branded disc with description and video included!

Order this device for your kitchen and your everyday life will easily go into a comfortable pastime !!

Buy Niser-Dyser original:

It is easy to order Nicer multi-cutting on our website by placing an order through the oneline order form or by phone. There is wholesale and crushing for those who wish to expand the range!

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